What Goes into Picking The Right Gas Station?

How do we decide where to buy gas?

California is on the brink of raising its gas prices by 12-cents a gallon for regular and 20-cents a gallon for diesel.  So is the price at the pump the main reason we pull into one gas station over another?  Not necessarily.

According to research by Market Force Information, 77% of drivers do use price as the main component for where they fill their tank.  That would include driver Vanessa Shaefer, "Mostly has to do with price."

But drivers also look for other things when they pull into a station.  Those things, according to Market Force are Security, Fuel Quality, Payment Form and Easy Entry and Exits.

Nancy Repaire says she goes to the Shell station in Pt. Loma because of its location. "It's easy to get to all the freeways from this particular area."

Security includes how well a station is lit and maintained.

Fuel quality often means using major brand stations.  

Payment form means being able to use different forms of payment like credit cards, debit and cash.

And easy entry and exits include being able to have your choice of turning left or right and getting back out on the highway.

As for California's pending gas tax increase, once the Governor signs the bill, the tax for regular and diesel gas will start November 1st, the increase of fees will start January 1st, 2018.

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