Hello Car? Start Your Engine

iPhone users can do just about anything these days with their phones from finding restaurants and movies to avoiding red-light cameras.

Now, thanks to a Vista company, there's a new iPhone application that will unlock your car, start your engine and even heat your car seat.

Just press the iPhone screen, and your car starts. The Smart Start application from Directed Electronics does it all, without a car key.

Unlike key fobs, this app has an unlimited range. If you leave your car in a parking lot in San Diego, fly to Chicago and then remember you didn't lock the doors, Smart Start will do it.

It also helps find your vehicle, if you forget where you parked it.

"I simply pushed the panic button, which lights up the car and does the car alarm. I knew that the car was parked on that level, walked down,and there was my car," said Kevin Duffy.

You still need to put your key in the ignition, to drive. That feature will help secure that someone can't simply find your iPhone and steal your car.

The app is free, but works only with the Viper Smart Start System. That will cost you about $500.

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