Where Did Philip Rivers Get That Bolo Tie?

Last weekend's win by the San Diego Chargers was the talk of the town -- that is, until quarterback Philip Rivers showed up in his bolo tie.

The string tie, as it's often called, fell out of fashion in the 1980s, but it appears Rivers is bringing bolo back.

The one-of-a-kind design comes from the mind and garage work shop of San Diegan Ted Williams.

The 76-year-old Williams hand-delivered the bolo tie to Chargers headquarters. It's cut from elk antler and has a polished stone in the center.

“We had to go to coat and tie this year,” Rivers explained at a news conference. “That was my way to not have a neck tie.”

It's a peace offering of sorts for Williams, who is a fierce Chargers fan. But last season’s disappointment lead to terse words about the team and its quarterback.

“I feel bad about the stuff I have been saying about him,” Williams said.

This season’s playoff appearance and multiple wins has made Williams a changed man.

“After they won the Denver game, he (Rivers) had a different bolo,” Williams said. “I said, ‘Shoot, he ought to have one of mine.’”

Williams says he doesn't wear bolos; he's a t-shirt guy. But Williams was wearing something else after seeing Rivers in his artwork: An ear-to-ear smile.

"Sure enough, there it was," Williams said. "It made me feel good."

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