Pharmacist's Intuition Saves Customer's Life

The supermarket pharmacist grew concerned when a customer hadn't picked up his prescription

A Ramona senior citizen who spent up to two days on his bathroom floor is alive thanks to one astute pharmacist.

Just two days after meeting a new customer at the Ramona Albertsons, pharmacist John Robertson became worried when the man never picked up his prescription.

So Robertson decided to go the man’s house and check on him.

“He didn't come to the door, so I got really nervous for him thinking something may have happened,” Robertson said.

With the help of San Diego County sheriff's deputies, Robertson found the man lying on his bathroom floor, where he had been for up to two days.

“It worked out, I guess a bit of intuition and a bit of worrying about my friend,” Robertson said.

“I was glad that we were able to help him out.”

On Thursday, Robertson was honored with the “Real Hometown Hero” award.

“I think it's unnecessary, and I'm pretty embarrassed about it,” Robertson said.

But the director of the Ramona Senior Center disagrees.

“To have someone else backing us up checking on our seniors, it's a great thing,” Ray Cordona said.

Robertson admits it’s not in his job description to make house calls.

“That's not standard protocol, I know. But sometimes, you just have a deep-seeded feeling inside of you that something's not right,” he said.

“I guess you can call it intuition or God was telling me, ‘you need to check on this guy.’ Everything's o.k.”

The senior citizen remains in the hospital. There is no word yet when he will be released.

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