Petitions Submitted to Get Rent Control on National City Ballot

Critics of rent control suggest rent control will deteriorate existing supply.

Supporters of a new ballot measure meant to control rent in National City submitted more than 3,500 petition signatures at City Hall Thursday.

The coalition of tenants and community leaders say the rent control ordinance is needed to stabilize growing housing costs.

San Diego County's average rent is approaching record highs according to statistics from several national companies. 

In April, renters signing new leases in our area were finding increases of 4 to 7 percent compared to 2017. That is above the national average of 2.5 percent, according to Rent Café.

Families who rent in National City can't afford basic necessities because their rent is too high, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment said.

“Seventy percent of the folks that live in National City are renters. In order to pay $1,800 which is the average rent right now, you would have to make $28 an hour,” said Paola Martinez-Montes, ACCE Director.

She said a family would need to be getting three minimum wage incomes in order to pay the average rent.

The group has been calling on statewide restrictions on rental increases.

Critics suggest rent control will stifle and deteriorate existing supply. 

In National City, the signatures on the petitions will have to be validated before a ballot measure can be approved.

If there are enough signatures, the ballot measure could qualify for the November election later this year.

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