“Charlie Brown” Actor Disrupts Courtroom

Peter Robbins faces multiple felony charges

The California man who formerly voiced character Charlie Brown interrupted lawyers during his bail review hearing Monday morning.

Peter Robbins, 56, used to voice act for the “Peanuts” television series when he was a child. He is accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend and the plastic surgeon who performed her breast enhancement surgery.

The Oceanside resident faces multiple felony charges, including stalking and making deadly threats.

Robbins’ lawyer asked that his bail be reduced to $50,000 and that his status as a flight risk be removed. The defense said he has “strong ties to the community” and frequently participates in volunteer activities.

But prosecutors claimed that Robbins poses a safety risk.

When prosecutors alleged that Robbins threatened to kill a surgeon, he spoke out of turn.

“That’s incorrect,” Robbins said.

He was quickly silenced by officials.

“You don’t need to talk right now,” said the judge. “You just listen or you’re out of here.”

Prosecutors also claimed he threatened to kill other people in the past, had recently been arrested in Mexico for smoking marijuana and claimed he had attempted to contact his ex-girlfriend.

“What has started to come to light is extremely erratic and aggressively and confrontational behavior,” said prosecutors. “It’s very difficult to find out where the truth lies with this man,”

The judge kept Robbins’ bail at $550,000 and he could face up to nine years in prison if convicted.

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