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Petco Park Vaccination Super Station Reopens Amid Winter Weather

The Petco Park vaccination super station briefly closed Wednesday as nearby lightning caused safety concerns

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Downtown San Diego's vaccination super station reopened Wednesday after a four-day closure due to a nationwide shortage of Moderna vaccines.

Those with rescheduled appointments, once again, lined the streets of East Village. Due to a winter storm, the site had to briefly close due to lightning but later reopened.

Priority will be given to those with appointments for second doses who are farthest away from the date they received their first dose, UC San Diego Health said.

Some vaccine appointments will need to be rescheduled. Those impacted by the delays have been advised to check their MyUCSDChart account or look for an email with details about their new appointment date.

On Wednesday, some grew frustrated waiting for their vaccines -- especially after so much rescheduling in recent weeks.

Ongoing delays in shipments of the coronavirus vaccine to San Diego County are causing a lot of cancellations and rescheduling of vaccination appointments. For many, it is getting frustrating. San Diego's major vaccination sites are trying to prioritize second doses and NBC 7's Audra Stafford shares details.

The vaccine site is planning to continue operating daily depending on vaccine availability.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher was asked in the county update why the Moderna vaccine has been delayed compared to Pfizer.

"It is consistently erratic and consistently unpredictable. When it arrives we get it in circulation right away and we utilize it as fast as we possibly can. But we still don't have great clarity on what will be coming more than a day or two in advance and as we've seen over the last few weeks, even when you're told something is on its way, doesn't mean that it's going to arrive," he said.

Fletcher is asking San Diegans to be patient throughout the process.

A fierce storm on the East Coast and Midwest caused delays in shipments of the vaccine, affecting San Diego County and forcing the East Village vaccination site to close for several days in February. 

This was the second weekend in a row the vaccine site closed due to a lack of Moderna vaccines.

A spokesperson for the county said that those who have had their second-dose appointments delayed should not worry because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says doses can be taken within 42 days of each other. When a patient receives their first dose, the county typically tries to schedule second-dose appointments within 21 days, leaving a three-week window in case of delays.

It is unclear how soon first-dose residents will get their next appointment.

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