Petco Park's New Food Options Will Keep Fans Happy — Win or Lose

The Padres are hungry for wins this season. From the looks of the new food options at Petco Park, fans will be leaving games with full bellies no matter the outcome.

The club gave media a preview of the new dining options in the ballpark, and man they are good.

Let’s start with Lucha Libre Taco Shop. The wildly popular Mission Hills Mexcian joint hits the stadium’s Toyota Terrace (near Section 215) with Cali burritos that will knock your calcetines off.
Owner Diego Rojano said his Petco plans have been a long time coming. 

“It’s kinda been in the works for three years now,” he said. “We wanted a little more control of the kitchen. We wanted to make sure it was our guys in the kitchen.”

Now he has what he needs, which means good things for those willing to venture to their spot upsta. Rojano said he loves the space they have, and it’s just the beginning. They hope to add a Champions Booth, much like the eclectic restaurant. Rojano joked that they might also change the décor of their area to look like the restaurant as well.

“When the Padres aren’t looking, we’ll paint the walls pink,” he said. Maybe he’s not joking?

Phil's BBQ joins the team with a huge restaurant and seating area down the first-base line. Choose from pulled pork sandwiches, ribs and barbeque chicken plates, all served with sides like macaroni salad and fries.

Other new options include Rimel’s Rotisserie, which will be serving up chicken and fish tacos on the roof of the Western Metal Supply Co. Building – that area is open to the public this year.

Seaside Market will also be in the park this year, with a salad and juice bar along with a flatbread station in Section 107.

Stone Brewing opens up a mini-version of their bistro in the Upper Deck Terrace. It’s just beer for now, but food will be served later in the season.

Ballast Point will also have a full tap room, adding to what has to be the widest selection of beers in any ballpark. Inside, you can get burgers from Hodad’s, the iconic Ocean Beach spot with a second location downtown.

Hodad’s has been in the park for the past few years, which still makes owner Mike Hardin smile.

“I’m so happy to be here,” he said. “If people ask me what I want to return as in another lifetime, I tell them I want to come back as me.”

For wine options, check out Copa di Vino, an Oregon-based vineyard that will be serving a variety of wines in convenient plastic glasses with resealable lids. It might not satiate the most ardent wine snobs among us, but hey, it's a ballpark. It could be worse.

On chillier days you’ll want to check out Ryan Bros. Coffee, which has a cart and a stand in the park this year. They’ll have basic coffee and tea, plus some specialty drinks with a kick.

Get the Sombrero – tequila, Mexican chocolate, coffee and whipped cream. Or try the Nutty Umpire, another coffee-and-whipped-cream delicacy served with Jamson whiskey and white chocolate.

“We’re super excited,” said Harry Ryan, one of the café’s co-owners. “The Padres need a little Irish luck.”

For dessert, you will be kicking yourself if you don’t head up to the Baked Bear, an ice cream sandwich shop in Pacific Beach that makes its own cookies and ice cream, then smashes them together for a ridiculously decadent treat.

Shane Stanger, one of the owners, said they had a test run in the park at the end of last year that went well enough to come back again.

“It was pretty good last time. I’m feeling really good about it,” he said. “It’s as cool of a second location as I can think of.”

They will be located in right field, but not until the next homestand starting April 11.

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