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PETA Posts Billboard Near Border, Says No Families Should Be Separated Regardless of Species

The billboard will stay up until September 9

PETA placed a billboard one mile from the border in San Ysidro to protest family separations under the Trump administration, including the separation of cows.

The billboard reads, “Loving Mothers and Their Children Should Never Be Separated” next to an image of a cow and a calf.

“No loving family should ever be broken up by outsiders with their own agendas, and that includes the mother cows whose calves are stolen from them on dairy farms,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

The same billboard ran in Tucson, Arizona 12 miles from a migrant youth shelter in late July, said PETA spokesperson Anne Brainard.

“PETA is calling on anyone who is disturbed by the separation of immigrant child and to extend that compassion to all species,” Brainard said.

Facebook comments have mixed reactions to the post.

One said it “dehumanized” those separated at the border. Another praised it, asking for respect for all mothers and families.

PETA has previously used billboards in San Diego to protest SeaWorld and for other animal rights campaigns, according to Brainard.

The new billboard is located at the intersection of E. San Ysidro Boulevard and Bolton Hall Road.

The billboard will stay up until September 9.

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