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Personal Trainers Find Ways to Keep Business Going During Pandemic

Personal trainers have found a creative way to continue delivering their services

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Several businesses have been highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including those in the fitness industry like gym owners and personal trainers. With stay-at-home orders still well in place, gyms were forced to shut their doors, leaving many personal trainers out of work.

However, one local gym has found a social distancing-friendly way to keep personal trainers employed.

GymGuyz Coastal San Diego has really had to make some changes quickly after the stay at home order went into effect. Normally in this business, personal trainers would come to a client’s home with equipment and hold the training session there.

Now they obviously can’t do that, so they’ve transitioned to hosting sessions online for their clients to use.

They had these virtual classes up and running in about a week and a half.

The trainers clean and assign equipment to each client to use at home and started renting out equipment since it’s been difficult to find any in stores right now.

The personal trainers also made it a priority to offer free virtual training classes for kids and those with disabilities because they want everyone to have options for exercising, especially right now.

“Even with P.E. programs that are virtual, it’s very simplistic and they get homework to do on their own but there’s nothing that’s really geared towards keeping kids physically fit in the confines of their home, so we decided we wanted to give back to that particular segment of the population,” said Joseph Paglinawan, Owner of GymGuyz Coastal San Diego.

For more information on those free virtual classes for children, click here. A calendar of free virtual sessions with GymGuyz Coastal can be found here.

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