Perry’s Café Reopens

James Ballard

It took more than three months to rebuild after a kitchen fire, but the owner of Perry’s Café welcomed customers again Friday.

Perry Eulmi and her mother run the family-owned restaurant that’s been a popular eatery here in San Diego for more than 25 years.

Without any advertisement about the restaurant’s reopening, customers showed up for breakfast at the restaurant on Pacific Highway just off northbound Interstate 5.

“Everything is back to normal,” Eulmi said Friday while greeting customers.

“As I look around, everybody here is a familiar face. It’s like being a part of the family,” Eulmi said.

Grease towels in the back room started the devastating fire in December causing extensive damage to the building and the contents inside. The timing couldn’t have been worse. “Because it was around the holidays, right before Christmas,” Eulmi said. “But we survived it. “

Looking around at the packed café, customers survived the short closure but are glad to see the return of their morning ritual.

“We suffered,” Perry’s loyal customer and recipient of special-order mouse pancakes Harvey Feinman said. “We didn’t have a good time. We missed the place. Perry’s is a great, great place. Nice people.”

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