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Ukraine Supporters Rally at San Diego Landmarks

Ukrainian-Americans gathered at Seaport Village on Sunday to show support for their nation and express fear for their families back home

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It's been more than 10 days since Russia invaded Ukraine in an attempt to overrun the country and hundreds of civilians have died in the crossfire. In San Diego, supporters for Ukraine have been rallying almost daily for an end to the violence.

In Seaport Village, dozens gathered with blue and yellow Ukrainian flags and chants against Russian President Vladamir Putin, including some Ukrainian Americans who were calling on the U.S. government to support Ukraine.

"We are here at the rally and we are asking everyone please ask your government. We need to act immediately," said Ukrainian-American Venys Lukash. We can come together, we can be united, we need to stop this aggression. We need to stop this war now."

Lukash said his parents are in Ukraine and have been hiding underground for most of the day as Russia attacks.

Yulia Dryhynke's parents are also in Ukraine.

"I'm heartbroken and I'm terrified of war. I can't even imagine what my parents have been feeling all these days," Dryhynke said.

Some supporters were less than 10 years old but wanted to show their support.

"I’m raising money for little kids, to protect them and buy something for them, maybe like food or jackets," said Max, who is also Ukrainian American and was selling homemade Ukrainian souvenirs at the rally. "I feel proud because each dollar will go to little kids, to help them."

Earlier in the day, supporters gathered in Balboa Park to protest the war and call on local leaders to support Ukraine.

“These rallies give people an opportunity to voice their concerns, to voice their feelings, to be together with people who think like them and the world has an opportunity to see what people are saying,” House of Ukraine Board Member Vera Skop said.

Since the invasion began over one million Ukrainians have fled the country.

Event organizers tell NBC 7 more rallies are to come.

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