Penny Power: Former Aztec & Current Seahawk Running Back Rashaad Penny Powers To NFL Success

The often injured Rashaad Penny is in the midst of a great 4 game stretch that could alter his NFL career path.

After being a first round draft pick in the 2018 National Football League draft, former San Diego State and current Seattle Seahawk running back Rashaad Penny missed most the last 3 and half seasons due to injuries, and appeared to be on his way out of the league, this December that all changed.

"I feel like I didn't make any statement, I knew what I could do, but I was never on the field," said Penny after a 135 yards rushing effort last Sunday against the Chicago Bears. " It's unfortunate, but I'm thankful for what I've been doing these last few weeks."

What Penny has been doing is piling up impressive plays and games, twice this month he’s gone over 100 yards rushing in a game and has scored 3 touchdowns. This is also the first time in Penny’s injury riddled career that he’s played 4 straight games.

"It was a big milestone for me because my whole career has been derailed by injuries, and finally for 4 games straight I was able to just keep going. I'm just building confidence in myself, once I've done it the first time, I can keep doing it."

Penny’s play will force the Seahawks organization to make a hard decision this off-season, either let him walk in free agency, which they were certain do to until 4 games ago,  or pay him big money with a contract extension.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll say's everybody who has watched Penny the last month has got to be thrilled about what he looks like.

"He's been active and tough, creative and explosive, and so we just want to go play football games with him."

Penny says the key to his big turn around is remembering to play big.

"Sometimes I forget I'm like 230 pounds to be honest, a lot of defensive backs are probably 205 or 195 or 5'11, I forget that I am 230."

From the end of the NFL line to possibly lining up a fantastic future, Penny says whether its with Seattle or another team, he’s closer to the start than the finish of his NFL career.

"I think this journey for me is far from over."

Penny and the Seahawks play the Detroit Lions this Sunday in what could be his final home game with the Seahawks.

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