PB Beach Closed to Surfers, Swimmers

Signs are up in Pacific Beach warning surfers and swimmers to stay out of the water after a sewage spill Monday.

According to the Department of Environmental Health, 200 gallons of wastewater came from a blocked sanitation line near Van Nuys Canyon and spilled 200 feet to the north and south of Tourmaline Park.

“It was a sewage spill, a sewage break in the line upstream form the beach but eventually it ends up at the beach,” said Lt. Andy Lerum with San Diego Lifeguards.

A specialist from the City of San Diego has tested the water and air quality for three days.

“We can smell the odor but we cant view without a microscope or the counts on the petri dishes,” said Rumana Shahzud from San Diego Metro Risk Water.

Surfer Tim Kessler says he's staying out, but many don't. “People tend to ignore the warnings and take the risk of getting sick,” said Kessler.

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