San Diego

Paving Crew ‘Goes Around' Parked Cars in Ocean Beach, Leaves Gaps in Repairs

What could be called a simple case of following directions in Ocean Beach last week didn’t turn out well.

When San Diego city crews paved the roads last week in Ocean Beach, they discovered two vehicles didn’t follow directions and failed to avoid parking on Santa Monica Avenue near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

As a result, the fresh black asphalt curves around the area where the two vehicles were parked, leaving the old road peeking out.

“I think they need to come and fix that. It looks bad,” said kindergarten teacher Jasmine Greene.

“Somebody missed the boat,” she said.

Greene said it’s disappointing on two levels. First, the owners of the cars failed to follow the directions on signs posted along the street and street repair crews failed to tow the vehicles so they could complete the task.

“I think my kindergartners would’ve followed the directions,” she said.

A city spokesperson told NBC 7 the decision to pave around the cars was a judgment call made by the crew who thought waiting for a tow truck would have put them too far behind schedule. They also wanted to make sure the street was dry in time for traffic when school let out that afternoon, the spokesperson said.

The city spokesman said the crews are scheduled to be back on Santa Monica Avenue next week to add a second coat of slurry. They will also touch up and pave the areas that were previously missed.

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