San Diego

Partners Plan Electric Vehicle ‘Hub' Downtown

Arcimoto Inc., which produces three-wheeled electric vehicles capable of carrying two people, said it plans to open a rental location, showroom and charging station at 630 10th Avenue in downtown San Diego.

Oregon-based Arcimoto said it will join with San Diego-based HULA Holdings Inc. to open the facility in the coming months.

Arcimoto calls its three-wheeled cycle an FUV, short for Fun Utility Vehicle. FUV is the company’s Nasdaq ticker symbol.

The planned, 4,500-square-foot facility will contain 40 Level 2 chargers that can power electric bikes, scooters and cars in addition to the Arcimoto vehicles.

“Even as a national leader in [electric vehicle] adoption, downtown San Diego still faces challenges in reducing congestion, lowering transportation emissions and improving parking,” said HULA co-founder Peder Norby in a statement issued by Arcimoto and HULA. “We believe the FUV Hub San Diego will allow us to attack these problems head-on.”

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