Parrot Shooting Concerns Lead to Public Meeting

The shootings of endangered parrots in Ocean Beach and Point Loma is not new, but it is growing.

The parrot problem has continued and it's not the birds' fault.

A community forum was hosted by the parrot conservation group, SoCal Parrot, Thursday evening at All Souls Point Loma to address the ongoing concerns surrounding the shootings and killings of endangered parrots in Point Loma and Ocean Beach.

The event hoped to educate attendees on the Lilac Crowned Amazons and Red Masked Conures parrots as well as teach people how to prevent animal cruelty.

The pellet gun shootings of the wild parrots began in 2014 when a bird was found in a resident’s front yard.

In 2015, SoCal Parrot reported five birds were shot with pellet guns.

That number has grown since the new year.

In Feb. alone, five birds were shot and killed over an eight-day period. It is not immediately clear just how many endangered birds have been killed in total.

As of March, Ocean Beach city leaders offered a $6,500 reward for information on the shootings that leads to an arrest and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offered a $5,000 for suspect information.

SoCal parrot estimates 1,500 parrots live in San Diego.

The killing of an endangered bird is a federal offense and can result in a $20,000 fine and jail time.

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