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Park Rangers Warn About Smash and Grab Series at Mission Trails Regional Park

Park Rangers at Mission Trails Regional Park are sounding a warning about a series of smash and grabs. 

Park Ranger Rebecca Smart said there’ve been at least 10 incidents in about the past two weeks. 

“Unfortunately, thieves are on the lookout and they are targeting people who may leave things visible on their seats or dashboards," Smart said.

The Mason family posted online about their daughter's car recently being broken into at the trails.

Her dad says his daughter won't be going back after thieves stole a $20 pair of sneakers, ignored two bags, but left them with a hefty window repair bill.

While the Mason daughter's car was parked in the equestrian lot, Park Ranger Smart says most of the break-ins are happening along Father Junipero Road and in the Jackson Drive parking lot.

Monday evening, after the latest break-in on Saturday, shattered glass was still scattered in places on the dirt.

Lauren Lucas noticed it as she was finishing up her hike.

She often parks in the Jackson Drive lot, but didn’t realize that what she was doing with her purse could put her car in the crosshairs of crooks who may be scoping out the lot.

“I was just putting it in the trunk, but now I realize I shouldn’t come and put it in the trunk. I should do that at home. Otherwise, don’t bring it,” Lucas said.

Park Rangers are urging people to make sure they don't leave anything enticing, visible in their cars.

And though it may sound counterintuitive, they say don't try and cover valuables with clothing or blankets, that may pique a crook's curiosity even more.

Park Rangers say if you see anything suspicious, call them or police.

Right now, officials don't have any information about how many criminals may be involved or what they look like.

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