Parents: Students Sweltering In New School

No AC At School Heats Up Prop Fight

Children were suffering nosebleeds and headaches during a recent heatwave when temperatures soared into the 90s at a Scripps Ranch school.

"This is inhumane.  I wouldn't put my dog in this type of environment, much less try to have children learn," said parent Danielle Hale.

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary opened last year, following a renovation of the former Thurgood Marshall Middle School.  Parents said there was no money in the budget to include air conditioning on the campus.

As a result, they say their children are struggling and battling real health issues.  Parents brought water to the kids on Wednesday and were spritzing them to keep them cool.  NBC 7/39 found some of the children with red cheeks and captured images of them visibly sweating.

"The children are wilting in their seats. They can't pay attention -- they're getting headaches -- they're having to go to the nurse," said teacher Mary Rowe.

Cynthia Reed-Porter with the San Diego Unified School District said most schools do not have air conditioning.  But the school board makes exceptions when windows cannot be opened, such as schools near the airport.

She said there is no funding for air conditioning, but if Proposition S passes in November, there would be additional funding. 

Opponents of the proposition argue their taxes would rise to fund the proposition.

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