Parents Support School for Firing Domestic Violence Victim

Second grade teacher Carie Charlesworth has been terminated from her position because of her ex-husband’s behavior

Parents gathered outside Holy Trinity School in El Cajon today after an NBC 7 San Diego exclusive story revealed one of its teachers was fired because of her ex-husband’s behavior.

Second grade teacher Carie Charlesworth is the victim of domestic violence and was terminated from her job earlier this year because her school feared for the safety of students and staff.

Last January, Charlesworth’s ex-husband showed up at the school, which then went into lockdown. She was then put on indefinite leave, and her four children who attend the school were also asked to leave. Since then, an armed security guard has been placed at the school.

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Nearly 30 people voiced strong support for the school and its controversial decision Thursday afternoon on campus. Parents felt compelled to come forward after the public had a strong reaction from the NBC 7 exclusive story.

“Yes, there was a teacher that was victimized by domestic violence and that's very sad and we all support her as her being a victim, we're very sorry,” said parent Jennifer Grubbs.

But these parents also feel the number one priority needs to be the safety of their children.

“Decisions had to be made that would protect all of our kids, her kids included. So those were hard decisions and our principal and the Diocese had to do the best they could. And they did,” said Grubbs.

But at least one parent with a student at the school came forward to denounce the decision.

“Her getting fired was shameful. She did everything right. She came to the principal, told her the situation. And I think in that regard, protected the children. I think she got fired for it. It's very sad,” said parent Theresa Ososkie.

Charlesworth said she knows most of the school does not support her, and as a parent, she understands their concerns. But she also feels like the school abandoned her and her four children.

In a statement released today, the Diocese said it's received an “outpouring of expression” both in support and opposition of its decision.

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