Parents React to High Number of COVID-19 Cases

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Despite rising COVID-19 cases and quarantines at some school districts in San Diego County, many parents remain confident their children are safe as students return to in-class hybrid learning models.

“As of right now, if everything stays the way they’re doing it, I don’t have any concerns,” said LaToya Dickens.

Dicken’s 12-year-old daughter is a sixth grader at Cajon Valley Middle School.

The school is one of 28 schools in the Cajon Valley Union School District, which has had 520 positive COVID-19 cases since Sept. 8, 2020.

Currently, there are 25 active cases among students and staff at 15-different schools in the district.

The numbers might be alarming for some, but not for Dickens.

“It’s going to happen. They can’t have absolutely zero. That would be a miracle,” said Dickens.

Thousands of other parents with students in the Cajon Valley Union School District apparently agree.

According to the district, there are 16,300 students enrolled in their schoos. Roughly 10,000 – almost two out every three students – are taking part in hybrid in-classroom programs.

To be sure, that does mean more than 6,000 students are staying home for virtual learning.

But to put a different spin on the COVID-19 numbers, the district’s COVID dashboard shows, of the 25-active cases, the 19 positive cases among students represent just 0.18% of those in-class students.

Six district employees are currently positive, which represents just 0.28% of total employees.

Again, the numbers a boost in confidence for some parents.

“That lets us know at least they’re doing their job. They’re making sure everybody is following all the precautions," Dickens said.

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