Parents of Slain SDSU Student to Face Sex Offender

The parents of a missing San Diego State University student are scheduled to meet Thursday with the man who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in their daughter's death.

Attorney Gloria Allred says Donna Jou's parents arranged to meet with John Steven Burgess to find out more about their daughter's death. Allred says they have a lot of questions for him.

“I want to know the details,” Donna’s mother Nili Jou said. “What happened to her, what he did, how he did it.”

Jou vanished in June 2007 after she attended a party at Burgess' house. For nearly two years, Burgess played a game of cat and mouse with police investigators -- until recently, when he finally admitted what he did.

Burgess pleaded guilty Wednesday, telling a judge he dumped her body into the ocean after she overdosed on drugs.

Jou’s father says he feels tremendous anger towards Burgess. He says making a mistake is one thing, but covering it up and telling lies is simply despicable.

“As one human to another, I feel very sorry for him,” Reza Jou said.  He also says his family isn’t convinced Donna's death was just an accident.

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