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Parents, District Looking Ahead as SDUSD Bond Nears Passing

The district superintendent said the school board plans on meeting next month to prioritize its to-do list.

As a $3.5 million bond for improvements within the San Diego Unified School District nears closer to passing, parents are wondering how revenue will benefit their child's school.

If approved, Measure YY will increase property taxes in the district by $60 per $100,000 of assessed home value for 39 years.

Tuesday was the third time in the last 10 years voters in the district were asked to approve a school improvement bond. SDUSD called Measure Y-Y part of its master plan to make all schools a place where students can feel safe.

Its first two priorities are campus security and fixing lead contamination found in drinking fountains at several campuses.

SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten said the school board plans on meeting next month to prioritize the rest of its to-do list.

“You don’t get the check and then tomorrow everything happens,” Marten said. “You have to sequence it in a way that has clear priorities behind it.”

Every school and student in the district is benefitting from revenue from previous bond measures, like Propositions S and Z.

Every student has a laptop and there soon will be air conditioning in every classroom, according to Marten.

Parents can find out what projects are slated for their children’s schools under Measure YY, as well as Props S and Z.

To those who are disappointed the measure seems to be passing, Marten said “When you invest in education, you invest in complete success of the entire city for long into the future.”

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