Parents Concerned Over Possible Registered Sex Offenders for Halloween

"Operation Boo" requires registered sex offenders to adhere to certain restrictions

State officials are cracking down on registered sex offenders, just as Halloween is around the corner.

It's called "Operation Boo," which requires registered sex offenders who are currently on parole to adhere to certain curfews and restrictions between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m., starting on Halloween night. They also cannot put up Halloween decorations or give out candy to trick-or-treating children.

However, this year, the individuals are not required to post a sign on their door to ward off trick-or-treaters. The change comes after a lawsuit was filed by a registered sex offender in Chula Vista who was told to post a sign on his door reading: "We Do Not Participate in Trick or Treating.”

The sign resulted in a federal lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), claiming it was unconstitutional and put sex offenders' safety at risk.

As part of the settlement, NBC 7 was told that a memo was sent to parole agents reminding them of the existing policy.

“We're out looking at them and making sure they abide by special conditions of their parole that says they have to stay home and can't try and lure kids into their home with candy, decorations or anything else,” said Luis Patino, a spokesman for CDCR.

But some parents say they are concerned with the change.

“I’ll be more cognizant about which homes are safe and which are not," Point Loma mom, Trisha Santoro said.

Santoro told NBC 7 that there are currently six registered sex offenders living within a two-mile radius of her home, according to the sex offender registry.

State officials advise parents to search online for any possible registered sex offenders that may live near your home

Registered sex offenders who are homeless must report to special reporting centers where they will spend the curfew under supervision.

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