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Parents at San Diego Jewish Academy Help Raise Funds for Meals for Essential Workers

Parents at San Diego Jewish Academy are paying it forward to first responders and health care workers who are on the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus

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People have been stepping up to help their communities during these difficult times and parents at the San Diego Jewish Academy are the latest to make a difference.

They’re joining forces to help our health care workers and first responders.

School is obviously not being held in the classroom right now, but the parents are still having a lot of communication between each other.

It all started with an idea from one of the parents to see if they could raise some money together to pay for meals for first responders and health care workers. They all got together virtually and within a couple of hours, raised $1,000 to pay for meals.

Then, another parent and owner of Parakeet Café made the meals and parents dropped them off at Scripps Green Hospital.

Another family member heard about the good deed and also wanted to help. The owner of Our Green Affair made dozens of meals for San Diego 911 dispatch operators and first responders as a result. The Green Affair also has an option in their menu for people to make a donation for meals for first responders.

They also made a donation to a non-profit organization that delivers meals to seniors and people who need a little assistance across the country.

The students also joined in on the effort by sending words of encouragement with each meal.

“The first responders, it makes them feel good. They’re risking their lives every day so those are just some words of encouragement,” students Nicolas and Ariana Jinich said.

“When one person has an idea and it takes off and kind of morphs into something bigger, it can be a really great experience for everybody,” said parent Nadene Zack.

The giving continues.

All the parents are still in communication thinking of ways that they can help, and of course, the kids are really excited to help out some more, too.

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