Parents and Staff Respond to Questions Over Serra High Principal's Degree

Principal Vincent Mays has a Ph.D from Stamford Hill University

It seems to have hit a button and many people have emotional responses.

Numerous comments have been posted to NBC 7's Facebook page regarding our stories questioning the legitimacy of a principal’s Ph.D. Some defend Vincent Mays, saying he has the credential to be an administrator at Serra High, and that’s all that matters.

Others say it's a question of ethics, an issue of what an educator is modeling for his students.

According to the principal's resume found online, Mays received his doctorate from Stamford Hill University. A former FBI agent, who specializes in what is known as diploma mills, says the school does not exist.

NBC 7 also investigated and found no record of the school.

“To me, it's kind of like cheating,” said Kim Nguyen, a parent of a student at Serra High.

Another parent, who says he likes Mays and thinks the principal is doing a good job, says he still wants the San Diego Unified School District to get to the bottom of this sooner, rather than later.

“They hired him. It's their job to take care of it, and they need to set an example for our kids, other parents, staff,” said Dan Sehlhorst. 

School Board President, Doctor Michael McQuary said Mays is "credentialed and qualified" to be principal.

He said when someone is doing a great job, they will always “bump into issues and concerns.”

McQuary also said Mays is doing a great job, and the district says the controversy stems from a group of disgruntled staff members at Serra.

Three staff members filed a complaint with the district’s Office of Quality Assurance.

McQuary says that office will look into the complaint.

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