Parenting During The Pandemic

Parents and Students In La Mesa Discussed The Good And The Bad About Raising Children During The Pandemic

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Over the past few months, we've heard a lot about the challenges families are facing balancing work and school at home.

On Wednesday night in La Mesa, there was a special online roundtable discussion offering community members the opportunity to share their personal stories.

Before the meeting, NBC 7 heard from Genevieve Suzuki about how she’s coping. She’s a mother of two juggling virtual learning at home while trying to maintain her family attorney practice.

“One of the things I’ve been doing is posting on Facebook, a daily post. And so it's called 'Day whatever the number is of the Suzuki Family Coronavirus Staycation.' It's this something that's interesting to friends and family, and my kids are also into it. They want to read the post. And we're reflecting. And I think reflecting is really good right now,” Suzuki said.

When asked to reflect on going from the courtroom to teaching virtual learning, Suzuki said, “It’s not a calling of mine to be a kindergarten teacher. I would probably be arrested because it's been hard! I'm not gonna lie. I love my kid but it's been a challenge."

A lot of parents have contacted the school district talking about how they’re burned out, said Jennifer Coronel, Program Manager for Student Support.

She says they’ve compiled a number of resources for social and emotional support for parents and students.

Suzuki said another way she’s been coping with the pressure is by getting more into baking for her family.

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