Palomar Student With Meningococcal Disease Out of Hospital

A Palomar College student hospitalized with meningococcal disease a week ago has been discharged from the hospital, county health officials said Friday.

The unidentified student is recovering well, a health official confirmed.

The student was diagnosed on October 19, and later testing showed the student had the same strain of meningococcal bacteria that claimed the life of San Diego State University student Sara Stelzer.

Officials say, though, they don’t believe the two cases are connected.

The Palomar student attended only one class in the three weeks prior to contracting the disease, so there are no close contacts at the college, county officials said.

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency notified those people who they believe should take antibiotics to prevent any possible infection.

At the time both students fell ill, there wasn’t a vaccine that covered the B strain of meningococcal disease.

Earlier this week, however, the Food and Drug Administration approved a vaccine to prevent that subtype of meningococcal disease in people ages 10 to 25.

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