Painting Accident Injures Two Men

Two men painting inside an Escondido home were injured when an accident sparked a flash fire Wednesday, according to a spokesperson with the Escondido Fire Department.

Firefighters arrived at the home near El Dorado Drive and Glennaire Drive around 3 p.m.

Escondido fire officials said two men were spaying some type of lacquer on some cabinets they were refinishing when the fumes burst into flames. 

Witnesses told fire crews that one man was engulfed in flames after the flash fire broke out. Fire investigators said one man helped put out the fire on his co-worker. 

The man more severely injured was transported to Palomar Hospital  and then flown to the UCSD Burn Center.

The second worker's injuries were not as serious. He was sent to Palomar Medical Center for treatment.

Now fire investigators are trying to find out what ignited the flames however they do believe the fire was accidental.  Fire crews said when they arrived, the fire inside was mostly out and they say the damage to the home is minimal.

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