Padres Spring Training: Get To Know Jedd Gyorko

2nd baseman looking for a big year in a new lineup

Jedd Gyorko had a tremendous rookie season. Hitting 23 home runs as a 2nd baseman at Petco Park is nothing to sneeze at.

But, a lingering foot injury and a terrible start led to the classic "sophomore slump." Last year Gyorko's home runs, RBI and batting average all dipped dramatically. But, as his foot healed up, Jedd heated up.

He had 24 hits in 24 games in September and reported no pain. Now, Gyorko is primed to have another big season with the bat. NBC 7's Derek Togerson talked to Jedd about the status of his injury, his new friends in the Padres lineup, and whether or not San Diego's infield truly is the team's weakest link.

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