Padres' Maybin Injured In Cactus League Game

Centerfielder Hurts Arm Making A Diving Catch

Padres centerfielder Cameron Maybin is one of those rare ballplayers who can impact a game in multiple ways. He has the ability to drive in a run with his bat, take away a run with his glove, or steal a run with his legs.

But he can only do that when he's healthy. Maybin missed most of 2013 after having wrist surgery, an injury he suffered making a defensive play. Before Spring Training started, Maybin said he needs to still be aggressive, but a different kind of aggressive.

"Smart aggressive," said Maybin at Padres FanFest. "If a ball is off the wall, play it off the wall. If it's a sure double, you've gotta play if as a double. Just those little things that are going to keep me on the field for a whole season."

Now, that is extremely difficult to learn to do, because going all-out is the way Maybin has always played the game. Just turning off instinct doesn't happen overnight.

Alas, Cameron may be missing more time for going too hard. In the 4th inning of Sunday's 3-3 tie with the Dodgers in Peoria, Maybin dove for a Juan Uribe fly ball in the right-centerfield gap, injuring his left arm. Maybin left the next inning, clutching his arm in obvious pain.

Maybin will have an MRI on the arm on Monday to determine what damage was done.

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