Padres Fans Aren't Allowed in the Stands, But Can Still Get in the Game

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Padres will be playing to empty stands this season, but there are still opportunities for fans to participate

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Even though fans won't be allowed at Petco Park to cheer on the Padres in their home opener, there are still plenty of ways to support the team.

"This has been a hot topic," said Padres Vice President of Marketing, Katie Jackson. "How are fans going to interact with the game and how is the game gonna feel like normal when you’re sitting on your couch?

One solution is an MLB app called "Cheer at the Ballpark." It allows you to record yourself cheering for the team. The collective crowd noise is then pumped into Petco Park.

"So, as something happens, as Tatis makes some crazy amazing play or somebody hits a home run, the crowd noise will erupt as it would normally,” Jackson said.

Season ticket holders will also have the opportunity to watch a live stream of batting practice before each game, see their face behind the home plate on a cardboard cut-out, and more.

"We're gonna be collecting all the foul balls and home run balls, and we're gonna look to provide those to our season ticket members," said Erik Greupner, President of Business Operations for the Padres.

Later in the season, Greupner said they hope to set up a drive-in experience, where fans can watch the games on a big screen from their cars and honk their horns in support.

But for now, fans can enjoy seeing the team back on the field in brown.

"And hopefully, as we’ve always expected and planned, when we put the new uniforms on, we expect to play winning baseball and usher in a new era of Padres baseball," Greupner said.

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