Padres About To Enter “The Crucible”

Upcoming games will have a dramatic impact on the rest of the season

With just two weeks remaining until the All-Star break, multiple questions surround the Padres. Some are good, others are scary.

After Sunday's 6-4 loss to the Diamondbacks, NBC 7's Derek Togerson found insights from Padres radio analyst Bob Scanlan. Among the topics they discussed:

Is Derek Norris going to be an All-Star?
How are the players responding to new manager Pat Murphy?
Is the change working?

And of course the most daunting of all questions ... Will their upcoming 10-game road trip kill their season and prompt a trade deadline fire sale or launch them back in to playoff contention?

As always, Scanlan pulls no punches and offers his insider knowledge.

Padres Radio Announcer Bob Scanlan offers a mid-season update on the Padres with NBC 7’s Derek Togerson.
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