Package Theft Suspect Writes ‘Shop Lift' on To-Do List

A to-do list seized from two package theft suspects includes “shop lift” as one of the day’s tasks.

San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies recovered a number of stolen or illicit items when they arrested Kristina Green, 19, and Gary Withers, 38, on Tuesday, officials announced.

An Amazon delivery truck driver called 911 to report the couple was following him in a Dodge Charger and was stealing the packages he dropped off at Encinitas homes.

[G] Package Theft Suspect Writes 'Shop Lift' on To-Do List

When deputies contacted the suspects, they say they found the following items in their vehicle: the stolen Amazon packages, a loaded firearm, mail stolen from 13 people, methamphetamine and heroin.

A notebook sitting with the items had a to-do list written for Dec. 11. On the list, the writer had included “shop lift” alongside “Kiss mom n tell her she’s loved.”

shop lift to do list1
Rory Devine
A picture of the seized to-do list

Sheriff Sgt. Rich Eaton said the Amazon delivery truck driver did the right thing by never confronting the suspects, but instead calling deputies.

Mike and Mary Garrett, two of the victims, are also thankful for the driver's vigilant lookout.

"He did his job," said Mike. "He should get extra credit. He could said, 'Eh' and kept going, you know?"

Inside the package taken from the Garrett house were calendars with positive messages, intended to be gifts for friends. The couple told NBC 7 they have already forgiven the suspected thieves, but now they're going to find another way to get deliveries.

"I'm not sure," said Mary. "My kids always deliver packages here for themselves, so I don't know. We always thought this was a pretty safe neighborhood." 

Sheriff’s officials say both Green and Withers were on probation for theft, narcotics and weapons violations.

They are facing charges of mail theft, possession of meth, possession of heroin, felon in possession of a handgun and possession of stolen property.

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