Pacific Beach Residents Protest Bar Expansion

PB Shore Club is trying to add a patio to its location, against the wishes of some nearby residents

A group of Pacific Beach residents gathered at an Alcoholic Beverage Control hearing on Wednesday morning to publicly protest a bar’s addition to its venue.

PB Shore Club is attempting to expand its location by attaching a patio to the existing space. The bar and restaurant currently has 186 seats – should the patio be approved, roughly 130 bar stools would be added.

Pacific Beach is a notorious party playground for the barely legal crowd, but long-time residents are frustrated with alcohol-related crime and noise surrounding the coastal community.

Candy Hogan, who lives within a few blocks of the bar, said she’s irritated at the loud noise and crime surrounding the area.

”At 2 to 3 a.m. when the bar clears out, there’s people fighting and screaming,” she said.

Hogan lives within an area dense with bars and clubs, but she said PB Shore Club is the worst offender of noise violations.

“They already exceed the 50-foot noise barrier,” she said. “They say they will contain the noise, but they don’t do it now.”

Owner of Ocean Park Inn, Eldin Lai, said his hotel has lost business because of the noise.

“I have had people complain, or cancel reservations after one night,” he said.

Eldin wants stricter regulations for PB Shore Club should a patio be added and tighter security for the dispersal of patrons once the bar is closed.

The ABC license for the patio is still pending and the decision is expected to be made within 30 days. PB Shore Club has no disciplinary history or disciplinary action, according to ABC.

Owners of the club, Grand and Strand LLC, did not comment to the press about the situation.

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