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‘Peeping Tom' Caught Peering Into Homes in Pacific Beach Sentenced to Jail

James Hubbard, 48, pleaded guilty to several counts of peeping and prowling around the homes of unsuspecting residents in Pacific Beach

A man who admitted to peeping into the homes of unsuspecting women in Pacific Beach -- striking at one home on three separate occasions -- was sentenced this week to jail time, the San Diego City Attorney’s Office confirmed.

James Hubbard, 48, entered a plea deal two weeks ago with City Attorney Mara W. Elliott’s office. He pleaded guilty to three counts of peeping and prowling, which carried a sentence of 364 days in jail.

Hubbard’s so-called “Peeping Tom” streak began on Sept. 11 when a witness spotted him looking into apartment windows on Hornblend Street in the PB community.

On Sept. 25, a woman living on Thomas Avenue saw Hubbard peering into her kitchen window as she walked into the room wearing only her underwear. Elliott said the woman screamed for her roommate, who then saw Hubbard looking into a neighbor’s window. Hubbard was arrested at that time but was ultimately released from custody.

On Oct. 4, a woman who lives on Olive Avenue was sitting in her living room pumping breast milk for her infant when she saw Hubbard staring at her through her window.

On Oct. 9, Hubbard decided to return to the home on Thomas Avenue where he had been arrested on Sept. 25. The female residents had installed surveillance cameras, which captured video of Hubbard standing on the patio and peeping through the sliding glass doors, Elliott said.

Hubbard stole a towel from the home and was arrested once again that day.

Three days later, on Oct. 12, Hubbard returned for a third time to the Thomas Avenue address. Again, home security cameras caught him looking into the windows.

Hubbard was once again taken into custody and booked into jail, this time not eligible to post bail.

Elliot said that although Hubbard’s crimes are classified as misdemeanors in the state of California, her office takes these types of cases seriously.

“Aggressive prosecution and severe punishment at the misdemeanor level will hopefully deter Mr. Hubbard and like-minded individuals from committing more egregious acts in the future,” Elliot added in a press release.

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