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Driver Hits, Kills Man on Sidewalk of CVS Store in Pacific Beach

The victim was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a CVS store on Mission Boulevard when he was fatally hit by a car

A homeless man possibly sitting on the sidewalk in front of a CVS store in Pacific Beach was killed Friday morning when a driver – thinking her car was in reverse – accidentally ran him over.

The collision happened around 11:30 a.m. in front of the CVS drug store at the 4000 block of Mission Blvd., near Hornblend Street.

San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Officer Sean Bannan said the driver – a 70-year-old woman – parked her white sedan in the lot and went inside the store to do some shopping. When she finished and got into her car, she thought she put the vehicle into reverse when she actually shifted her gear into drive.

The woman’s car traveled forward, hopped the curb and rammed into a man who was either sitting or standing on the sidewalk. Bannan said the impact pinned the victim underneath the woman’s car.

The man died at the scene. Bannan said the victim, who is 52, is believed to have been homeless. His name has not yet been released.

Investigators said the deadly crash was accidental; alcohol did not play a factor.

Bannan said the driver was shaken and very upset, but was not hurt.

The officer said tragic accidents like this happen more often than one might think. He said this case could serve as a reminder to be as careful as possible behind the wheel.

"When you get in your car just slow down, take your time, put your foot on the brake, put it in gear, double check and then go," said Bannan.

The driver was not arrested and, at this point, Bannan said police don't plan to file charges against her.

"From what we can tell right now, it was a basic accident," he added. "No drugs, no alcohol involved."

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