Owner Seeks Injured Driver Who Damaged Liquor Store

The owner of Dick's Liquor is facing $300,000 in damage to his store after a woman drove into it

Weeks after a Mercedes rammed into his liquor store, the owner now wants to reunite with the injured driver to make sure she will recover.

A big part of Adam Barno’s business came crashing down with his destroyed racks of wine on March 16 when an 86-year-old woman lost control of her car and collided into Dick’s Liquor in La Jolla.

The driver’s son-in-law told NBC 7 she suffered a broken ankle and a severe cut to her leg in the wreck. But since that day, Barno has heard nothing about her condition.

“Me, my wife and my children would love to visit her,” Barno said Monday. “I think my kids could put a smile on her face if she is able to see them. We want to say a prayer for her together, just give some comfort to her family.”

However, he tried to reach out to the woman but has not heard back, he said. NBC 7’s calls to her were unanswered Monday.

In the meantime, Barno is contending with the possibility of closing up shop for a while as he repairs the estimated $300,000 in damage caused by the crash.

Boards block the outside corner where the car hit, but Barno told NBC 7 even more financial pain happened inside. The collision knocked over his wine racks, sending tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of liquid spilling in a red wave over the floor.

The chipped bottles remain boxed up in his now damaged wine room, and his air conditioner and walls need replacing. Contractors told him he’ll have to pull up the floor, which will force him to shut down the shop for a time.

“That would really hurt. It’s a little nerve wracking for me because I am a father. I’m a provider,” said Barno. “I have my responsibilities and have to pay my bills. It’s making it difficult on not just myself, but everyone in my family.”

The store has been turning away customers who previously came to Dick’s Liquor for its high-end wine selection, the owner said.

Barno is also still waiting on a check from his insurance company to pay for the fixes – another reason the process has been slow.

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