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Owner of Paper Store Boasting Hemp Products Thinks Burglar Had Wrong Idea

The owner of a Clairemont paper store that advertises its hemp paper is convinced that stationery wasn't the motive in a recent burglary of his shop.

Green Field Paper Company is proud of its tree-free, and marijuana-free, product. But Rick Smith, the store's owner, told NBC 7 that he receives multiple calls every week from people asking if his paper is smokable.

The intrigue in the paper's intoxicating qualities has led Smith to believe that a burglar who broke in last weekend was in search of more than just something to write on.

"There is no THC in industrial hemp," Smith said. "It was used for years to make ropes, paper and fibers and all kinds of thing. It is a very strong fiber."

The burglar drilled a hole in Smith's door to get inside his shop. He can be seen on security cameras rummaging through shelves and boxes as if he were searching for something specific.

When he came across Smith's stash of recycled pulp and hemp bark, he apparently didn't see the value in it. He did, however, see the value in the near $1,500 worth of tools and random office supplies that he nabbed. 

While Greenfield Paper Company doesn't sell or manufacture cannabis, it does make packaging for some cannabis oils and soaps.

For the record, you're not supposed to smoke those either.

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