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Owner of Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Charged With Sex Assault Sues Alleged Victim

Dario Moscoso filed a defamation lawsuit against the alleged victim and her attorney, accusing them of "extortion."

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A manager at a Del Mar Cosmetic Surgery Clinic who faces nine criminal sexual assault charges for groping a woman at his Del Mar practice has filed a defamation lawsuit against the alleged victim and her civil attorney, accusing them of extortion and lying to prosecutors.

“Lies, and false allegations, and just total defamation and libelous claims and my only recourse was to file a defamation lawsuit against these people,” said Dario Moscoso, who owns and manages Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring. “This has destroyed my business, my reputation, my personal life, my wife is divorcing me and my business has suffered completely.”

A former client sued Mosoco in July of this year, claiming that he posed as the cosmetic surgeon during a November 2017 consultation visit for plastic surgery, when in fact he is not a physician.

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“[Moscoso] performed a full-body examination of her,” said the woman’s attorney, Jessica Pride during a Dec. 16 interview. “He had her undress. He touched her breasts with his bare hands. He touched her buttocks with his bare hands.”

It was only after, says Pride, that the woman learned Moscoso was not the surgeon and was only the office manager.  

The issue turned from civil to criminal on Dec. 19 when the San Diego County District Attorney filed criminal charges including two felony assault charges against Moscoso for the alleged assault. 

In a statement to NBC 7 Investigates, a spokesperson for the district attorney said their office has reason to believe Mosocos assaulted others as well.

“Based upon the investigation we believe there are additional victims who have suffered similar experiences and are seeking information or additional victims to come forward,” they said.

The spokesperson could not confirm that any such victims have come forward.

Meanwhile Moscoso said he is confident that he will be cleared. On Dec. 23, Moscoso filed a countersuit against the woman and her attorney, Jessica Pride, accusing the two of conspiring against him and ruining his business and personal life in an attempt to get money.

“Plain and simple, it’s extortion, trying to get money from a small business like mine.”

Moscoso used the alleged victim’s timing as proof that the claim is meritless. 

“It doesn’t make sense,” said Moscoso. “If you feel that bad when you walk out of this office, why don’t you come back in and get your money back and say forget you, you’re a bad businessman but to wait two and a half years to do that? That’s crazy. It’s bogus.”

In recent months, however, Moscoso has filed other defamation lawsuits. 

According to court records obtained by NBC 7, Moscoso also accused his wife of defamation over a restraining order she filed against him after learning of the civil lawsuit.

“The statement in this complaint was filed with the court with malice and malicious intent and also with full knowledge that all allegations were false and without evidence or support specifically crafted to cause irreparable damage to defendant,” read the October defamation lawsuit. 

NBC 7 reached out to attorney Pride for a comment on the defamation lawsuit. Pride declined to comment until after the case is heard by a judge.

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