Over-The-Line Postponed For First Time in 62 Years

For the first time in its 62-year history, the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club has postponed the Over-the- Line Games.

“We’ve got a lot of spectators around,” said Sonny Petersen, the spokesman for Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt out here.”

The OTL tournament, held each July, was postponed pending better weather due to the thunderstorms and record-breaking rain Saturday. Petersen said the heavy rain, thunder and lightning were not “favorable” conditions.

OMBAC said they hoped to reschedule to games for the immediate future.

The annual tournament, which was supposed to start Saturday morning and continue into Sunday, often gathers over 1200 teams from around the world.

Over-the-Line is a bat and ball sport similar to baseball. It was first played in Mission Beach in the 1950s.

Starting at 8 a.m., organizers will behind tearing down the event setup. They say the tear down will happen rain or shine.

Participants said they were sad they would not get a chance to participate.

“Now that we don’t get to play tomorrow, we’re a little sad,” said participant Amber Longest.

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