Outdoor Workers Take Caution in Extreme Heat

When temperatures start to creep closer to the triple-digit mark, Bay Ho landscaper Tiger Palafox can’t retreat to an air-conditioned office.

He says his company, Eco Gardeners, asks that each worker bring two gallons of water with them on the job. “That way, throughout the day, whether you’re thirsty or not, you know that it’s there and you’re ready to drink water.”

They also wear lighter clothes, hats and sunscreen while working in the soil. Palafox says working earlier in the day is key. “The middle of the day is stressful, it's hot and it's challenging,” he adds.

Even plants get fatigued in the heat, which is why the landscapers only spray chemicals in the morning. “It can't be done in the middle heat part of the day because pesticides and fertilizer can burn plants and it's dangerous for them,” Palafox explains.

A crew from the water department tells NBC 7 they were trying to finish up their job before the midday sun set in.

And, while other workers can wrap up their jobs early, sign spinner Ramon Higuera says he has to work during the hottest hours of the day to attract more attention.

For Palafox, the bottom line is, “You have to take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, put on the sunscreen, wear a hat when possible and just make sure you are cognitive of what is going on around you.”

The Excessive Heat Warning continues in San Diego’s inland areas until Thursday evening. 

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