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Crews Build ‘Secondary Fencing' at Otay Mesa Border

The first panels of a secondary border fencing went up in Otay Mesa Monday, as U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials continue with multiple barrier projects in the region.

The Trump administration has announced several border-related plans, including replacing old portions of the barrier and adding an entirely new, secondary fencing.

The new secondary fencing in Otay Mesa will run along the base of Otay Mountain. It will be made up of consecutive 30-foot steel bollards, or slats as President Donald Trump has described it.

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Unlike the majority of the president’s border prototypes nearby, this design would look like replacement border fencing completed last fall in Calexico.

In total, this additional barrier will span 14 miles.

Images of the secondary fencing’s progress were posted to San Diego Sector Chief Border Patrol Agent Rodney Scott's Instagram account Tuesday.

Scott said the 30-foot barrier was topped with an anti-climb plate.

This comes after dozens of protesters and counter-protesters voiced their opinions about the border barriers on Presidents Day near the San Diego waterfront.

Some believed the fencing plans wouldn’t prove effective.

“Haven’t they said they can dig tunnels under the walls and fly over the walls, so how effective will a wall really be?” said protester Tom Racanelli.

While others said the border barriers could only help.

“Walls would save everyone’s lives, not just Americans,” said counter- protester Mary Redman.

Protesters on both sides came out on President's Day to voice their opinions over President Trump's national emergency declaration. NBC 7's Melissa Adan has more.

The project is using $251 million from fiscal year 2018 funds, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Recent downpours have caused some areas around the border to become difficult to traverse, so CBP said they’ll provide formal tours on Friday once the ground has dried.

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