Oscar-Winning Actor Stops by NBC 7 Studios

J.K. Simmons and His Wife, Michelle Shumacher, have a new movie out

J.K. Simmons, who won Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards in 2015 for his role in Whiplash, stopped by NBC 7 Wednesday to promote his newest project. 

Simmons and his wife, writer and director Michelle Shumacher, are in town for their movie, I'm Not Here, starring Simmons. 

"I actually don't speak in the film," said Simmons. "Some people who watch it are surprised to learn that." 

The story is about a man named Steve, coping with tragic memories in his past. Schumacher directed the film. 

"The movie is about self-forgiveness," said Schumacher, who based it on the life of her uncle. 

Shumacher is a former Chula Vista resident. She and Simmons have two children, Olivia and Joe. 

Simmons has been in box-office hits like Spiderman and Juno

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