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Orphaned pets from Maui flying into San Diego, will be up for adoption

The orphaned pets from the island will be available for adoption starting in the next few days

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If you're looking for a way to help with rescue efforts in Maui and looking to adopt a pet, this is the perfect opportunity.

Twenty pets orphaned by the recent deadly Maui wildfires will be finding refuge at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe this week, starting Tuesday night.

This young pup rescued from Maui will soon be available for adoption at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. (Helen Woodward Animal Center)

The orphaned cats and dogs will fly in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Alaska Air Cargo Terminal at the San Diego International Airport.

After that, the Hawaii transports will be available for adoption over the next few days and weeks as they get cleared by medical teams. If you're interested in adopting a pet, visit Helen Woodward Animal Center's website or call 858-756-4117 x 313.

This is just one pup from Maui who will soon be up for adoption in San Diego. (Helen Woodward Animal Center)

At least 115 lives have been lost in the Aug. 8 fires, and 850 people are still missing. Almost every building in the fire's path was destroyed, causing hundreds of families — including pets — to lose their homes.

"In the midst of such overwhelming life upheaval, adoption rates are certain to plummet with orphan pets stuck in shelters for the foreseeable future," according to Jessica Gercke, PR & Communications Director at the Center.

"When we asked what Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation needed, their number one focus was getting orphan pets to a location where they would have a chance at adoption,” said Renee Resko, Vice President of Development at the Center.

Many homes and businesses on Maui were destroyed, leaving people and their pets without homes. (Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Bringing the pets to San Diego County to be adopted will allow for more kennel space to open up in the devastated region, according to the Center.

The Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation has been on the Island of Maui working to locate pets who went missing during the fires and providing care and supplies to those in need, according to the Center.

The Animal Center thanks Alaska Airlines, the Lewyt Foundation, the San Diego Foundation, SeaWorld San Diego and the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation on the island of Maui for helping transport the pets to the Animal Center.

Plenty of cats and dogs rescued from Maui will soon be available for adoption. (Helen Woodward Animal Center)
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