Vietnam-Era Ordnance Found at Home

The device did not pose a threat, investigators said

Officials were called to a house in Clairemont Saturday after an old, rusty, Vietnam-Era ordnance was discovered in a homeowner's yard.

Police say a homeowner in the 4900 block of Dell Place, near Gallatin Way, was doing yardwork and digging when he discovered the unexploded military device just before 2 p.m.

The homeowner called the fire department, and as a precaution, bomb squad officials were called to investigate. The street was blocked off as crews worked.

The bomb squad crew X-rayed the ordnance and found it contained no explosives or detonation mechanism, officials said. Essentially, the device was a dud and posed no threat.

The street was re-opened following the investigation.

Neighbors were relieved, with some laughing, after officials determined the device posed no danger.

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