Opponents Protest San Diego Mayor's Return from Rehab

Opponents of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner say he’s not welcome back in San Diego, even if he has been to rehab.

Protesters gathered Monday afternoon at Civic Center Plaza downtown. They held signs with messages like “Get Out” and “Bye Bye Bob.”

Special Section: Mayor Under Fire

Speakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties addressed the crowd, in between chants of “Bob Must Go.”

“We’re not turning against Bob Filner. Bob turned against us,” City Council candidate Dwayne Crenshaw said during his turn at the podium.

Filner’s former communications director has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Multiple other women have also come forward, reporting unwanted advances by the mayor.

Timeline: Mayor Under Fire

“He has turned his back on values like equality for women, basic human dignity,” said Ashley Harrington, member of the Democratic Party of San Diego County.

Filner’s lawyers confirmed that he completed a behavior therapy program over the weekend, one week earlier than anticipated. The protesters say rehab is not enough.

“We will do whatever it takes, within our legal measures, to remove Bob Filner from office,” Hillcrest Town Councilmember Dave McCulloch said.

However, Francis Barraza, Executive Director of the Republican Party of San Diego County, said a recall is a big challenge.

“It’s going to take probably up to a million dollars," Barraza said.

“The recall will be over if Bob Filner resigns,” she added. “If he resigns, what happens to all the money that was invested into it?"

So far, the mayor has refused to resign, saying due process will reveal the truth about the allegations.

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