Operation Lemon Drop Turns Sour for 43 Suspects

The latest sheriff's probabation and parole crackdown swept across Lemon Grove

Operation Lemon Drop may sound sweet, but the parole and probation crackdown went sour for 43 suspects accused of violating their release terms.

San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies spread out across Lemon Grove Friday to track down suspected offenders and those who are not following their probation or parole terms.

The deputies arrested 43 people on felony and misdemeanor charges of drug possession, stolen property and public drunkenness. At the same time, Metropolitan Transit System officers wrote out 102 citations.

Lt. Eddie Brock says these compliance checks are usually rolled out closer to the holiday season, but because of their past success, the department has added more crackdowns.

Crime statistics, analysts and intelligence helped officials target the main business corridor of Lemon Grove for this probation sweep -- part of the decade-long Operation Safe Communities.

“It only makes sense that we respond and put all our resources where they’re truly needed,” said Brock, “and it gets the best use of our taxpayer dollars and our efforts to help root out crime and keep communities safe and livable.”

Sheriff’s officials say compliance checks like Operation Lemon Drop also act as a sort of intervention for parolees and probationers, making them aware someone is checking on them to help them avoid criminal activity.

Brocks said the biggest way the public can help is by calling in to report crime when they see it.

“We have the best of intentions, but we can’t be everywhere at all times. We can’t see everything,” the lieutenant said.

If you spot suspicious activity, you can call the sheriff’s non-emergency number at 858-565-5200.

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