#OnFriar Podcast Discusses the End of the Padres Season and A Promising Friars Future

Friars swept out of playoffs by LA but they're set up for years of success

It did not end the way they wanted it to. But this is certainly not the end.

The Padres lost three straight games to the Dodgers in the National League Division Series, the last one a blowout on a bullpen day that went haywire. Los Angeles is still the best in the west, and the entire National League.

So how close are the Padres to being their equal?

They're not as far off as most people think. In this special episode of the OnFriar Podcast, NBC 7's Derek Togerson and Darnay Tripp dissect the NLDS and start looking ahead to what should be the best sustained run of success in San Diego baseball history.

Oh, and Fernando Tatis Jr.'s voice makes an appearance so that's never a bad thing.

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