San Diego

Single-Digit Votes Separate San Diego City Council Candidates From Runoff Spot

Two San Diego City Council candidates vying for a chance to challenge candidate Vivian Moreno in the November 2018 election are separated by only two votes.  

Voters in City Council District No. 8 were asked on June 5 to choose which candidate they would like to see replace termed-out Councilmember David Alvarez in 2019. 

While Democratic candidate Vivian Moreno took the top spot with 35 percent of the vote, it is far less clear who she will oppose on the ballot. 

Candidate Christian Ramirez was ahead of fellow Democrat Antonio Martinez by just one vote after Monday, but at around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday the county's election results website said Ramirez had fallen behind by two.

A 2016 ballot initiative changed procedure in San Diego. No City Council candidate can win a seat outright in a primary. As a result, the two candidates with the most votes in June will advance to the November runoff.

The runoff may not be decided until t votes are officially certified by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters Office on July 5, 30 days after the June Primary. 

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